Motor bearing

      RDK provides motor bearing solutions and provides comprehensive technical consulting support services. Over the years, the needs of each industry have been carefully studied, from automobile manufacturing to aviation manufacturing, from heavy industry to consumer goods industry, and accumulated rich professional experience. In close cooperation with product development engineers, RDK develops a new generation of electric motors. Optimized technology and more economical bearing concept. RDK experienced application engineers selected the best bearing size, spacing, lubrication and sealing method according to different requirements, and carried out further optimization for standard bearings, committed to achieving The product is superb and has excellent performance.
  The commitment to service quality is reflected in every link of the service process. From the research of new solutions to product after-sales service, we always provide a higher level of professional experience, solution quality, and customer service, covering the entire process from design concept to final application.
 Motor industry, applications, cases, solutions
  Motors matched with consumer products
  Your requirements for low noise, quiet operation, long life, high quality, energy saving, low friction and space saving.
  Provide comprehensive technical consulting support services. Over the years, we have carefully studied the needs of each industry, from automobile agency to aviation agency, from heavy industry to consumer goods industry, and home appliance agency industry. We have accumulated rich professional experience and applied it to product development. Committed to achieving exquisite products and excellent performance.
  The promise of product quality is reflected in every link of the process. Provide a higher level of professional experience, quality, and customer service-covering the entire process from design concept to final application.
  Special motor for automobile electrical parts
  Current cars are equipped with various electrical applications, such as electric power steering systems, electro-hydraulic power steering systems, active front/rear wheel steering systems, and air compressors. Therefore, in the past few years, the number of motors in automobiles has been increasing. Years of professional experience, and continue to provide durable and reliable bearings and sensor bearings for related applications.
  Electric drive system motor
  Electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles are gradually replacing conventional internal combustion engine cars. The market demand for high-efficiency, compact and powerful motors such as traction motors or starter motors is significantly increasing; the entire industrial value chain is beginning to develop work to meet market demand.
  Innovative solutions for the electric vehicle and hybrid vehicle market, realizing powerful and efficient electric power transmission. The main advantages of these solutions are reflected in:
  Easy to assemble
  Mechanical and electronic robustness
  Motor and generator
  OEM meets the growing demand for higher quality products, shorter delivery times and better technical support. For users, tools, technologies and services are improving overall efficiency and reducing overall operating costs. From standard motors to large motors, solutions can help you:
      Improve efficiency
  Reduce maintenance
      Extended service life
  Reduce the risk of electric corrosion
  Better technical support

Mining and mineral processing

Heavy loads, wear debris and dirt, extreme temperatures and other extreme conditions. These conditions make it very difficult and even dangerous for mines and cement plants to keep their machines running continuously. The risk of worker injury and unplanned downtime always exist. Extremely harsh working environment requires bearings with very good performance. In addition, although the global demand for metal ore, cement, and coal is increasing, hi


Bearing of paper machine

Energy and raw material costs remain high and rising, and so are the costs associated with new health, safety and environmental legislation. ?? Fierce competition, increasingly globalization, market forces and increasingly stringent regulatory requirements make pulp, paper and paper processing operations more difficult than ever to make a profit.


Trucks, trailers and buses

As fuel costs, road tolls, and wages of drivers and skilled technicians rise, trucks, trailers, and buses need to find ways to improve efficiency in all areas of operation if they want to remain profitable. Fleet operators need to extend the uptime of the fleet and reduce the total cost of ownership, which is both a challenge and an opportunity