Medical equipment bearing

      Medical equipment bearings-lubrication-free, clean room compatible, resistant to media, non-corrosive, and low noise-these are important standards for medical equipment components.
  The growing market for medical and healthcare challenges aging, more and more obese people, rising costs and declining healthcare expenditures, and the transition from disease detection to prevention, hospitals are integrated into large networks. Faced with such challenges, new equipment needs to be able to diagnose and treat faster, safer, and more reliably, while improving the comfort of patients and operators. Original equipment manufacturers need solution providers who can provide higher-quality components and engineering expertise in order to bring new equipment to the market.

  RDK medical and healthcare industry, applications, cases, solutions
  Imaging equipment
  In medical imaging rooms everywhere, the knowledge engineering of Shandong Haimao Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is making the application of linear and rotary motion more stable, reliable and ergonomic.
  Our professional skills cover almost all imaging technologies, including CT, SPECT, PET, MRI, angiography, breast radiography, ultrasound, mobile C-arm and standard X-ray applications.

  Laboratory automation equipment
  Knowledge engineering results include streamlining work processes, improving processes, and more reliable analysis.
  High-speed, precise linear and rotary products are improving automation performance, including from robotic workstations to clinical chemistry, immunoassay, and coagulation analyzers.
  Technology supports the functions of centrifuges and autoclaves, and provides sealing solutions for various laboratory applications.

  Surgical equipment
  Help make surgical equipment safer, more reliable, more ergonomic and cleaner.
  Rotational and linear motion technologies are being used in many occasions such as operating tables, surgical lighting, intravenous injection instrument support, etc., to drive vertical, horizontal, vertical and Trendelenburg positions.
  Electric lifting columns and drives are replacing the hydraulic system on the operating bed to ensure that the hydraulic fluid does not pollute the operating room.

  Life Support Equipment
  Provide vital support for patients, caregivers and designers. From infant incubators to ventilators, solutions make life support equipment safer, more reliable and more human-friendly.
  The focus on safety and quality extends from the beginning to the product launch. The original equipment design team, before the system is approved for a large number of agents, we also provide detailed test support

  Dental equipment
  Dentist operation is more ergonomic. Improve patient comfort. While achieving the above two points, the solution also complies with higher hygiene standards.
  Dental equipment expertise includes chairs and tables, dental X-ray equipment, tooth grinding applications and more. No matter what your application requires, provide solutions to make the equipment run more efficiently.
  Before the system is approved for mass sales, we also provide detailed testing support.

 Ophthalmology equipment
  Provide ophthalmologists with the ergonomics and reliability they need, and provide patients with a higher quality of care.
  A series of ophthalmic equipment movement mechanisms, involving seats and workbenches, inspection equipment, lens grinding machines and more. No matter what type of movement your application requires, provide solutions.

  Hospital care equipment
  Hospital managers need equipment that is safe, sturdy, reliable and can provide long-term value. For nursing staff and patients, the equipment must be easy to operate and meet sufficient ergonomics to ensure better nursing effect and comfort.
  Help designers develop hospital care equipment that can meet everyone's needs. A variety of drive systems and their accessories have been applied to various equipment, including adjustable beds, stretchers, examination tables, and patient lifts.

  Home care equipment
  The home healthcare market is developing rapidly. At the same time, the demand for more functional and ergonomic equipment for nurses and patients is also growing rapidly.
  Linear and rotary motion expertise is helping the industry develop smarter and more efficient equipment, including electric wheelchairs, home care beds, lifts, and more.

  Fitness and rehabilitation equipment
  Provide exercise solutions for rehabilitation equipment according to market demand, so that it can adjust exercise functions according to body shape, treatment goals, etc. Through cooperation, customers can obtain a series of solutions that help to enhance the functionality and reliability of the equipment for physical therapists and patients.

Textile machine bearing

The environment of textile bearings is very harsh, and it also requires long service life, heavy load, high speed, low noise, and stable operation. Textile machine bearings are mainly used to bear combined radial and axial loads, mainly radial loads. In the process of installation and use, the dustproof effect is good and a


Trucks, trailers and buses

As fuel costs, road tolls, and wages of drivers and skilled technicians rise, trucks, trailers, and buses need to find ways to improve efficiency in all areas of operation if they want to remain profitable. Fleet operators need to extend the uptime of the fleet and reduce the total cost of ownership, which is both a challenge and an opportunity


Bearing for aviation industry

Aerospace provides a variety of aerospace solutions, including bearings, seals, tie rods, struts, precision elastic devices, and fly-by-wire control devices for airframes, aero engines, and gearboxes. Serving various customers in the aerospace industry,