RDK effective prevention and control of New Coronavirus pneumonia epidemic situation


  In order to effectively prevent and control the epidemic of pneumonia caused by New Coronavirus, we can effectively protect workers' health. To effectively prevent and control New Coronavirus pneumonia epidemic situation, RDK formulated the following implementation plan:

  1、 Implement epidemic prevention and control measures and clarify the division of tasks

  1. Fully understand the complexity, severity and importance of the situation of epidemic prevention and control. The heads of each department should arrange the personnel of their departments to do their own epidemic prevention and control with strong sense of responsibility and urgency.

  2. We will strengthen publicity and education on epidemic prevention and control. For employees, through the website, WeChat official account, work group and other network channels, timely carry out the New Coronavirus infection prevention and control publicity and education, help employees improve awareness of prevention, understand prevention and control knowledge, guide staff to do scientific protection, maintain sufficient sleep, enhance physical fitness and immunity, develop good hygiene habits and healthy lifestyle; Pay close attention to the development and change of epidemic prevention and control situation.

  3. Comprehensively check the employee information and standardize management. All departments shall conduct relevant personnel investigation, return to work and rework employees after Spring Festival holiday, and those returning to the city sensitive outside the province shall focus on tracking and checking. Employees in the province shall monitor their health status every day, report the occurrence of infectious diseases such as fever and cough to the company in time, take corresponding prevention and control measures according to relevant policies, and isolate and observe the close contact personnel to prevent the outbreak.

  4. Implement epidemic prevention materials and strengthen prevention. The company security department shall set up epidemic prevention and control monitoring points, disinfect them twice a day with 84 disinfectant, once at 8 a.m., disinfect for half an hour, once at 2 p.m., and half an hour in the morning. All working areas shall be completely sterilized. All employees must wear masks and inspectors must wear goggles.

  5. Do a good job in environmental sanitation and disinfection of the place. Thoroughly disinfect the company's environmental health to ensure that there is no pollution, no dead corner and hidden danger, and pay attention to long-term maintenance. (responsible department: administrative office, all departments)

  6. We will comprehensively strengthen the control of personnel and vehicles access. The epidemic situation inspectors wear medical masks and goggles. All personnel of the company must wear masks. Security department personnel shall register all the personnel entering the factory in detail and measure the temperature. It is forbidden to enter the factory for the abnormal temperature and cough.

  2、 Formulate emergency plan and strengthen emergency handling capacity

  When the company is infected with New Coronavirus, the emergency plan for major public health events will be launched immediately.

  1. immediately report the leading group of New Coronavirus infection prevention and control work, report to the health department separately from the office, and immediately carry out the emergency response work under the guidance of the district health department.

  2. New Coronavirus infected pneumonia patients were immediately sent to hospital for isolation treatment.

  3. immediately screen and observe the employees who have close contact with the patients.

  4. complete disinfection work quickly, tightly and thoroughly.

  5. cooperate with the relevant departments at the higher level to do a good job in investigation and follow-up treatment.

  The plan shall be implemented since the date of promulgation. In case of any conflict with government policies and regulations, the government policies and regulations shall prevail.

  For matters not covered in the scheme, the working groups shall implement the plan in accordance with the government policies and regulations and the actual situation of the company.